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TokenPayment is here to change the security of online exchange. Our focus is on providing banking institutions with access to multi-layer encryption and verification services.

How does
TokenPayment work?

TokenPayment is a high-security software system that allows our banking customers to verify and authorise movement of funds in their networks.

You can set up an account today to start ordering services from us. Our support team is on hand 24/7 to help.

Does TokenPayment utilize other software?

No. TokenPayment does not sell or use any third party software. Everything is designed and built in-house.

How do I learn more?

Set up your account today and contact our support and sales teams to learn more about how you can benefit from the TokenPayment ecosystem.

How safe is the system?

Our platform is currently utilized by a number of banks in North America, South America and Asia. We pride ourselves on building solely proprietary software that cannot be found elsewhere in the market. What this means for our customers is a certified security experience which nobody else outside of our company has access to or information on. Some other companies will use open-source or third-party modules in their software, meaning other people have information of the code and the possible vulnerabilities to use in exploitation of the system. Proprietary means our customers don’t have to worry about that.

All transactions on the system are secured and two-factor authenticated through our cutting-edge biometric verification system. Your data is held in our secure cloud, meaning that not only is your data secure, but it is guaranteed to have 24/7 availability.

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